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What People Are Saying about ice eye mask benefits

“You’ve never felt or seen anything work like FreezeFrames because there’s never been anything like it.”

Alison B. Read RNFA OrthoNeuro & Plastic Surgery  – Inventor of FreezeFrames

"Get ice eye mask benefits and ice for your face without putting a messy, awful ice pack on face!"

“I recommend FreezeFrames to my patients before and after beauty treatments. Finally, somebody thought of integrating therapeutic ice gel pads into sunglass design. Such a great idea, I wish I’d thought of it first!”

Dr. A Stone, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  – Beverly Hills, California

“Instead of having to lay down and use an eye mask, FreezeFrames let me walk around feeling and looking cool at the same time. Bags disappear and they actually help relieve the migraines.”


“I have allergies. When I need to get rid of puffy eyes, fast, FreezeFrames give me instant relief.”


“Occasionally, I’ll overdo it the night before. Next morning, I’ll put cucumber slices under my eyes to relieve the red and puffiness. It works, but it’s hard to look cool walking around with cucumber slices on your eyes. FreezeFrames look cool and feel amazing!”


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