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Innovative, Dual Purpose FreezeFrames®.

Our Sunglasses Help Alleviate ‘Bad Eye Days’, Headaches & Migraines.

Attach reusable gel-pads inside frame to experience soothing relief.

The ONLY Convenient, Discrete Way to Provide Cold Relief to Important Eye Areas.

Wear with Gel-Pad attachments for Cool relief; Without Pads for ‘Cool’ Style.

Invented by an Advanced Practice Nurse to Discretely ‘Nurse’ Problem Eye Areas.

With 100% UV Protection, Refresh Anywhere in Style and Ease.

Helps Relieve Puffy-Tired Eyes, Headaches, Allergies, Treatments, Hangovers, and Dry Eye.

What People Are Saying

Hear more from the creator, as seen on , , and .

“You’ve never felt or seen anything work like FreezeFrames® because there’s never been anything like it.”

Alison B. Read RNFA OrthoNeuro Plastic Surgery – Inventor of FreezeFrames

“Other devices can’t effectively reach the recessed tissues, structures and nerves around the eye that trigger inflammation and pain. But FreezeFrames® do.”

Dr. A Stone, MD Board Certified Plastic Surgeon  – Beverly Hills, California

“Instead of having to lay down and use an eye mask, FreezeFrames® let me walk around feeling and looking cool at the same time. Bags disappear and they actually help relieve the migraines.”

Melody Keith, Neurophysiology Clinician

“I have allergies. When I need to get rid of puffy eyes, fast, FreezeFrames® give me instant relief.”

Tom Dubuque, FreezeFrames fan

“Occasionally, I’ll overdo it the night before. Next morning, I’ll put cucumber slices under my eyes to relieve the red and puffiness. It works, but it’s hard to look cool walking around with cucumber slices on your eyes. FreezeFrames® look cool and feel amazing!”

Karen Bouliane, FreezeFrames fan

Until now, the only solution for ‘bad eye’ days was to be trapped under messy, dripping ice packs, keeping puffy, tired eye and headache sufferers immobile and unable to do anything else. FreezeFrames® naturally, conveniently and discretely deliver cold soothing relief when and where you choose without being held back from your busy day.

The product’s dual purpose offers both style and function with added benefit to look and feel ‘cool’ as you go about your daily activities. Wear as everyday quality shades and/or as a cold therapy application device for ‘’On The Go’’ relief!

Simple to Use

The Gel-Pads first go in the freezer or a cup of ice for a recommended 20 to 60 minutes before use. Place, as desired, to the interior of the sunglass frame. Target lower and upper eye areas, and/ or nose-bridge area. The Gel-Pads can also be warmed by simply putting them in a cup of warm water to help relieve dry eye syndrome.

The Gel-Pads remain cool for the medical standard of 15 to 20 minutes. Cold therapy to sensitive tissues should be limited to 15-20 minutes at a time. Repeat as many times throughout the day at 20-minute intervals.

The Gel-Pads can be cooled to your preferred temperature in a cup of ice, in the freezer, and/or in travel case. The reusable Gel-Pads last at least one year with normal use. Warm therapy can be applied by placing the pads in a warm cup of water. (The Gel-Pads contain a metal alloy and therefore should not be placed in the microwave nor any alternative heat source.)

Included in Purchase

• One (1) pair stylish sunglasses
• Four (4) reusable cool therapy gel-pads
• One (1) Gel-Pad storage pouch
• Limited Introductory Bonus Offer- One (1) thermal travel case

The Thermal Travel Case can carry your FreezeFrames® sunglasses and designed to keep your Gel-Pads cold when on the go. The TravelCase is gel-lined with pockets built in for the Gel-Pads. Store the Travel Case and gel-pads in the freezer and take them with you to keep your Gel-Pads cold for up to four hours.

$89.95 free shipping, secure payment, 30-day money back guarantee.