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FreezeFrames Cool Care Eyewear, “Cruise” edition plus 4 Gel-Pad attachments and freezer pouch.

Your order of FreezeFrames features Unisex style, 100% UVA/B Protection, gradient lenses, spring hinges, 4 reusable Gel-Pads (latex free), and 1 blue Gel-Pad freezer pouch. Gel-Pads can be cooled by placing in freezer or a cup of ice. Gel-Pads can be warmed by placing in warm water. Lenses can be replaced with prescription lenses. Cold therapy is used to help relieve puffy tired eyes, headaches, jet-lag, hangovers, beauty treatments and provides cooling relief in warm climates. Warm therapy is used to help dry eye and provide comfort in cold climates.

FreezeFrames can be worn with or without the reusable Gel-Pad attachments.

** For optimal fit, Sunglass arms can be shaped (bent) by optician, optical store, or by gentle manipulation.

FreezeFrames dimensions:

• frame width = 134.5mm

• nose bridge = 22mm

• lens height = 28.7mm

• lens width = 51.2mm

• Gel-Pads = 45mm x 20mm

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