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How FreezeFrames® Work


Created by an Advanced Practice Nurse to ‘nurse’ problem eye areas, FreezeFrames® Cool Care Eyewear delivers the benefits of ice to tired puffy eyes and headaches through the ease of sunglasses. Reusable Gel-Pad attachments apply gentle cooling compression, customary of how a ’nurse’ might apply ice to swollen eyes. Here’s how:

Applying ice is easy to do most anywhere on the body except for the one area we need it the most, the eye area,” says Alison Read, who invented the cooling eyewear. Alison performs in a specialized surgical role as a Registered Nurse First-Assist (RNFA) alongside some of Beverly Hill’s top surgeons. Her surgical training, experience and medical background qualify her understanding of anatomy and the healing process.

Her patented invention lists Alison as first to conceptualize stylish sunglasses as a dual-purpose device to, not only provide 100% UV protection, but also to deliver cooling eye area therapy. The ‘discrete treatment’ Gel-Pad attachments magnetically click into place within the FreezeFrames® casing and are anatomically engineered to target zone-specific problematic eye areas.

Rollover to zoom into the cool technology behind FreezeFrames®.

Comes with 4 reusable Gel-Pads that go in freezer or cup of ice. Attach cold Gel-Pads inside sunglasses for targeted cooling relief. Use as you go about your daily activities. Refresh eyes while running errands, use on a hot day to stay refreshed, recover after a late-night, soothe allergic puffiness, and/or decrease pain and bruising after a spa or medical treatment. Or, use to revitalize after a long flight!